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Episode 049 - John O’Connell, Chairman & CEO, Davis Rea Investment Counsel, Part One.

April 8, 2020

Experience counts. After more than 35 years managing money, John O'Connell knows a thing or two about market crashes. The Chairman and CEO of Davis Rea Investment Counsel witnessed his first crash in 1987 and many others after that including the financial crisis.

This latest plunge, the fastest and steepest on record, triggered primarily by coronavirus fears and exacerbated by an oil price war, shares similarities with all of the other dramatic market downturns because, O'Connell says, they've all involved a degree of investor panic.

In this interview with Mark Bunting, O'Connell explains why investors require context, reflection and perspective at this time, and why he's "enthusiastically embracing this crisis" and waiting to buy because he has his clients sitting on 26% cash.

This interview was recorded in late March, 2020.

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