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Episode 050 - John O’Connell, Chairman & CEO, Davis Rea Investment Counsel, Part Two.

April 9, 2020

Investors should ask themselves one key question during this unprecedented time in financial markets as we continue our conversation with John O'Connell, Chairman and CEO of Davis Rea Investment Counsel.

If you knew the stock market was shutting down for an extended period tomorrow, what would you do today? Buy, sell, or do nothing? O'Connell explains what he would do.

He also provides insights on the reaction of professional investors to the COVID-19 pandemic, why there will be two "emotional" stock market bottoms, what the 74% of his clients' portfolios that is not in cash consists of, and why he's excited about certain investment opportunities but is not buying just yet.

This interview was recorded in late March, 2020.

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